Irene Buckner Stith (Fontaine) Family  

Irene Buckner Stith (Fontaine) 

b. Sept 14, 1867 
d. May  22, 1915 
m. January 7, 1886 to Charles Beauregard Fontaine (1859-1924) 

Irene  pictured age 18  January 7, 1886 

Enlargement of picture at right. 


     Irene Buckner Stith Fontaine and Charles Beauregard Fontaine married January 7, 1886 at Willard Hotel in Louisville Kentucky.  Charles at that time was Commonwealth Attorney of Meade County Kentucky.  They moved from Kentucky to Fort Smith Arkansas in early fall of 1887. 

Charles Beauregard Fontaine born April 19, 1859 in Meade County Kentucky, 
died March 12, 1924 in Fort Smith Arkansas. 

Irene pictured at right at age 30 in 1897.  Enlargement.


Irene at age 44 in 1911.  This picture taken at the Stith family reunion that year.


This photo in Piggot Arkansas, December 15, 1912.  More on photo.                                         ibsf1912.gif (41275 bytes)


6 Children:

   1.  Ruth Fontaine (Ma) b. December 12, 1887.  More on Ruth. 
Ruth at 12 in 1900.


 2.  Diva Fontaine b. June 26, 1889
        married Will Reves who was a pharmacist in Piggot Arkansas 
        Will's father was a doctor, the Dr. Reves mentioned below. 
       1.  Fontaine Reves  (b Sept 1911)
        2.  Helen Reves (b Apr 10, 1914) lives in Florida (1998) 
             1. daughter     m. Ian Bacon
        3.  Norman Reves  (b 1918)
   Fontaine Reves gave book of Milton which had belonged to Charles Beauregard Fontaine to Walter Charles Scott on Sunday, December 20, 1931.  At age 20, Fountaine calls home to be Piggot Arkansas and was a Junior at Hendrix College in Conway Arkansas. 
      Diva died while the children were still young and Will Reves remarried. 
           There was a photo of Rachel Stith posted here from late 1998 until April 2006 which was incorrectly identified as Diva Fontaine.
Enlargement of picture at right age 18?, 1906?
Diva in 1900 pictured at the right.

Another photo in 1912.


3.  David Lewis Fontaine  b March 2, 1892
        Married Cora May Bradley daughter of Earnest Bradley
            on December 21, ???? in Alma Arkansas   ref: wedding announcement 
        No Children 

David at right in 1900.

   4.  Charles Fontaine died as infant

5.  Jesse Turner Fontaine b. Aug 4, ???? in Van Buren Arkansas 
        married Zada Van Choate of Knoxville Arkansas daughter of G.K. Choate at Gore Oklahoma 
        on Tuesday October 5, 1915 
        ref wedding announcement 
        1. Jesse Turner Fontaine, Jr.  m. Rebecca Noel Fontaine
            1. daughter Randi
            2. daughter Kit

Jesse at right in 1900.


6.  Stith Phillips Fontaine  b Aug 29, 1902
        1.  Madora Fontaine d ???? 
        2.  Ann Wagnon lives in Van Buren Arkansas 1998 
        3.  Macy Phillips  lives in ???? in 1998 
        4.  Phillip  d  ???? 

Picture at right at Stith Family reunion in 1911.  He was 8 years old at the time.


 Her writings.

 Letters at time of her death in May 1915.