Excerpt from "GREETINGS from Allan M. Trout" The Courier - Journal, Louisville, KY. , Tuesday Morning, November 18, 1958.


      "I was quite intrigued," writes Mrs. Ruth F. Scott, Irvington, "to read in your column some time back where Mrs. Ethel Bryant Board, of Shepherdsville, believes she is the only one now living who rode in the Democratic parade at Brandenburg in 1896.

      "I was 9 years old at the time. I had come from my home at Van Buren, Ark., to spend the summer with my Fontaine and Stith relatives. That rally at Brandenburg was my introduction to Democratic politics, to which I have clung.

     "I have found three who rode white horses - Minnie Bland, who later became Mrs. James Bondurant; Nell Carrico of Ekron, who is now Mrs. Joe Smith, and Mrs. Mable Stith Moorman, Ornida, Cal.

     " I contacted Mr. Bud Price of Brandenburg. He said: 'Yes, I rode in that parade. I wore a big white hat but I do not remember the horse.'

     "It must have been a daughter of Judge Lewis, probably Mrs. W. D. Ashcraft of Louisville, who rode the 'gold' horse.

     "Well do I remember the speakings an haranguings in the courthouse yard that day on what would happen if the Republicans got in - which they did!"

Contributed by Sue Carter Harrington by way of Jack Jeffers Scott, October 1998. Transcribed by Jesse Brown Scott, February 1999.