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Fontaine House, Brandenburg Kentucky, Meade County

House built soon after 1800.
In 1900 Macina and Blanche Fontaine owned the house and lived there.
Later owned by John Morgan Richardson.
Walter Lee Scott and Ruth and family rented the house in about 1935 after having moved to Brandenburg in 1934. The Scott family then bought the house from John Morgan Richardson with inheritance money from Aunt Anne Phillips.
Later owned by Alice Scott's parents.
It blew away in the tornado.
Older part is left side as you face the front door. This was brick.
The right side was frame construction built in the Civil War era. The infare (party) for the new addition was right at the time of the Civil War. At this time Mary Bickerstaff was born.
          Alice Bondurant Scott's grand parents were renting this room in 1900.
          Mary and Gerard Foote lived in this room for a while after the Walter Lee Scott family moved to the house.
          Ed Foote was born there.
          There was also living space above the single ground floor room.  Alice and Jack lived in this space when first married. 
          During World War II Ruth Scott converted the room to three rooms and rented the rooms to soldiers stationed at Fort Knox.
During the War Ruth lived in the corner room, older brick section, and rented the balance of the house as rooms to soldiers.
"The house was very old but in fairly good shape.
there was about five acres with a nice barn for a couple of cows and a sow.
A good garden spot, A nice front yard, An old smoke house and a old
chicken house as well as an old outside toilet. The house did have a
bath. It was just on the hill behind the Baptist Church and convenient to
downtown and neighbors. We really enjoyed living there."    - Jack Scott, January 1999
There was a nice grape arbor to the left as you face the house from the front.