A tribute to Lindie Stith

The name "Lindie" is uncertain.  It definitely starts with an "L" but the other letters are uncertain.  I have not been able to identify who it might have been.  This handwritten paper was in a collection of Jesse and Lucinda Stith papers from Jack J. Scott obtained in January 2001.  The assumption is that it would have to do with Jesse Stith. But the evidence is only circumstantial with no proof.  Apparently it is the eulogy of a young girl from the Stith family.  The poetry and prose may be original or a quotation from some previous work?  .... Jesse Brown Scott April 2001


                                A Tribute to Miss L. Stith
Only a mound of earth!  Only a grave!
Saw yet the tears that flowed, shed by the wave.
                                Of sorrow's dashed sea,
                                 Sweeping the breast,
                                 As we knelt on the lea,
                                 Laid her to rest?

Ah how could her tender loving nature withstand the trying ordeal, it must have been that reason was dethroned by disease, while a supernatural power must have done the work.   We knew her faith in Christ, and her solicitude for others to be religious as God does bring good out of evil, therefore we have hope in her Death.  Will God in his infinite mercy and wisdom pity and sustain her dear parents and friends. 

                                  Speak softly as you wander nigh
                                  Tread lightly near her bed;
                                  Move gently as the winds that sigh
                                  Above her sleeping head.

                                  Beside that grave hath memory left
                                  Garlands of beauty rare
                                  O God on parents thus bereft
                                  Bestow thy loving care.                

                                   In dreams I hover near the spot
                                   To list her loving tone,
                                   Which seems to say, "forget me not
                                   Come nearer, touch the stone.


(this is the reverse side of the above handwritten page JBS)

good person weather they are of our Order or not when we can consistently.  if we can not let us see to it that we hold our tongues; if we do this we will be sure to save our own feelings, add luster to society, and have the pleasure of knowing that we have done no harm.  For this we will know that the Lord will give each one to drink of his or her own cup. Just as they make it and he will see that the persecutor shall drink the bitter cup to its very Dregs.  And he will bless those who do and suffer his will.  Does the persecutor always accomplish his or her purpose?  I say they never can essentially injure any one if they order their conduct and conversation awright. Our feelings may be deeply wounded and we desire divine dessert to dispense as far as the flesh is concerned, but if we have sown to the spirit, our reward is sure.  For vengeance belongith to the Lord alone and he will see to it, that each one shall eat the fruit of their own doings.   Dear Fathers let us vie with each other for the sweet cheering rays of peace to illuminate our grange for we know that our trials here are but drift on the ocean of life to drive our frail barks to the other shore. 

                                  Oh, let our path through life's dark way
                                  Be in the straight and narrow way;
                                  Submit our souls to present pain,
                                  Be heaven our final joy to gain.
                                            When death shall call.