Uncle Jesse Jones Stith's Photo Album

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Jesse Jones Stith 1818-1895
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Lucinda Cain Stith 1824-1909

Cover (color)

Page 1 Uncle Griffin Stith and probably his wife, possibly first wife, Susan Stith daughter of Richard Stith, Jr.; more likely second wife, Maranda J. Wright
Page 2 George Miles; Melvina Stith Miles, daughter of Lucy Jones Stith and Thomas Hawfield Stith; unidentified woman, Bishop Capus.  These second two were identified as Melvina Miles and George Miles but that identification was mostly erased.
Page 3 Jesse Jones Stith; Lucinda Cain Stith
Page 3a More scans of Jesse Jones Stith
Page 3b More scans of Lucinda Cain Stith
Page 4 More scans of George Miles and Malvina Miles, Bishop Capus
Page 5 Photo of Louisa Stith b. 1836 daughter of Lucy Jones Stith and
Thomas Hawfield Stith m. 1st Stith 2nd Mitcham;
           Photo of Lucy Stith (b. 1856?) daughter of Louisa Stith;
           Photo of Jim Dick Stith b. 1847 James Richard Stith Son of Edmund Stith and Mary S. Dowell
    Page 5a Backs of Jim Dick Stith photos.   Photo of Fillmore Stith
Page 6 Photo of Thomas Hawfield Stith  b. 1800 m. Lucy Jones Stith
daughter. Richard Stith, Jr.  "Dr. Bob was Uncle Tom Stith's son." (Robert Stith b. 1829 per Kenneth Stith.)
           Photo of Miss Alice Brandenburg
           More scans of Griffin Stith and wife.

Page 7 Photo of Charles Lewis.  His wife was sister to Isadore Whelan.
Page 8 Photo of Charlie Stith; (Charles B. Stith?) b. 18 August 1847
Son of Mary Ann Stith and Henry Stith m. Emma Catherine Wright
           Photo of Dick Stith (Richard B. Stith?) b. 12 Sept 1853  Son of Mary Ann Stith and Henry Stith. m. Molly Ann Fife.   No Children? 
Page 9 Photo of Fillmore Stith (Millard F. Stith?) b. 1 June 1853 Son of Edmund Stith and Mary Dowell no descendents?
           Photo of Jim Dick Stith as a boy. 
Page 10 Photo of Thomas Jefferson Stith, b.28 Aug 1841 Son of Mary Ann Stith and Henry Stith.  This photo was taken in Jesse Jones Stith's house on return from the Civil War.  "Taken summer of 1865. T. J. Stith age 25 years. Just back from the war and a party given for him in home of Uncle Jessie and Aunt Lucinda Stith."
             Photo of "Bachelor Jeff Stith"; Jeffery Taylor Stith? b. 23 Dec 1848 son of William Banks Stith
   Page 10a Another scan of Thomas Jefferson Stith
   Page 10b Another scan of Thomas Jefferson Stith
Page 11 Photo of Miss Alice Brandenburg.  "Presented to Uncle Jesse J. & Aunt Lucinda Stith Dec 12th 1867  one year after orphanage. Irene A. Stith."
              Back of Thomas J. Stith photo.
              Back of Miss Alice Brandenburg photo.
Page 12 Steel photo, starting to corrode.  Possible John Fife?  
Backs of some of the photos showing tax stamps.