This will from Cynthia Jones, August 2002, with the following comment: "It is not word for word as I hand wrote it and abbreviated, etc. He needs to go to the courthouse for the exact copy."

MEADE COUNTY WILLS: Vol. C (1890-1932)

Will of Lucinda Stith, deceased

I, Lucinda Stith, (?Guston?) Meade Co., Ky, being of sound mind and good memory do herby declare this to be my last will and testimony in which I hereby appoint one Charley Scott of near Big Springs, Ky, my executor without bond to execute and carry out this my will as here and after set forth.

1st: Give my organ to the Methodist Church of Big Springs then give my four sisters now living or (some?) as thereof may be living at that time my clothing, household and kitchen furnishings to be divided between them in such a way as may be agreed upon.

2nd: Then he Charley Scott may sell any and all now or that may here and after belong to my estate in any way may deem most expedient for the foreclosing of the business of the estate.

3rd: Then out of proceeds pay all indebtedness against estate, then have placed at my grave a gravestone like that of my late husband J. J. Stith and have built around both a good iron fence made of wrought or cast iron.

4th: To the estate of each of three deceased brothers, Henry W. Cain, James H Cain, and John Cain $1.00 and the heirs of my sister Louisa Gallager $1.00 – remainder of whole estate equally divided between sisters viz Sarah C. Childs, Margarett Hardaway, Olive Alverson and Mary Coleman with one exception. Charley Scott authorized to take out of share of Mrs. Olive Alverson the amount of sale note given to me at sale of late husband for goods bought at that sale and by her son Luther Alverson and secured by Ben Alverson for $25.91 and 13 years it from date, then said note shall not draw interest after 13 years the amount of this before named note and 13 years interest to be paid to one Sue Smith, wife of late Granvel Smith, providing she, Sue Smith, shall continue to live with me up to my death, otherwise to be divided between my sisters or estates of them.

Set hand and seal 29 May 1908

Mrs. Lucinda Stith

Wit: John Childs
George H. Board
Geo. J. Neff
L. F. Neff

Recorded: 5 April 1909
W. D. Ashcraft, Clerk