Homestead order for Lucinda Stith

Prepared by Jesse Brown Scott, April 2001, from original handwritten copy of court order.  Paper from Jack J. Scott January 2001.

Lucinda Stith
J. J. Stith's Heirs
6th August 1898
     Entered in
Order Book., O. page. 87

      August Term 1898
      Meade County Court
Lucinda Stith                                  Plff.
vs. Order
J. J. Stith's Heirs Deft.

     This cause coming on to be heard on the regular call of the docket upon the whole record and it appearing that the defendants all had been duly summoned and failing to answer, it is therefore considered by the court that said Lucinda Stith widow of Jesse Stith deceased is entitled to a homestead in the tracts of land set out in the petition and described in the exhibits filed herewith marked nos. 1-2 and 3, and that the defendants heirs = " Joseph Stith, Lucy Ann Jenkins, Mary Nall, Wm. Stith, Joe Stith Jr. Peter Saunders, Wm. R. Saunders, Percy Taylor, Richard Saunders, Beau Saunders, Mary Taylor, Barbara Shacklette, Lina S. Hamilton, Mollie Canico, Wm. A. Shacklette, R P. Shacklette, Malvina B. Miles, Dr. Robt. Stith, Thos. R. Hills, Mattie Priest, Henry S. Hills, Jos. T. Mitchem, Sallie M. Alexander, Julia Turpris, Joseph D. Mitchum, Lucy Stith, Leona W. Adkinson, Chas. Cain, Ella Lloyd, Mrs. Hewie Smith, Mrs. G. W. Foushee, C. H. Morgan, S. L. Morgan, A.S. Morgan, H. G. Morgan, Mrs. L. N. Woolfolk

Mamie Stith no1, Hattie Stith, Seanie Lawson, Maggie Roberts, Flora Smith, Horace P. Stith, Robt Griffie Stith, Will Henry Stith, Calumbus Stith, Sue Long, Arthur Wright, Emma Stith, James M. Hardaway, Mrs. Bevely Miller, Chas Hardaway, Thos. J. Stith, Nancy Wright, Chas B. Stith, Wm Henry Shumate, Jeff Shumate, Mrs. Sallie Higbee, Mrs. Mattie Wright, Sophia Board, Mrs. Nettie Bogordis, Arvin Stith, Lutia Stith, Robt Reed, Miss Lizzie Reed, L. J. Taylor, Jessie S. Taylor, Louisa H. Panot, Bettie Flowers, W. B. Morgan, Rachel McQuown, Rhoda B. Jones, Annie H. Beasly, Mrs. G. L. Taft, Frank Stith, Leander A. Stith, Cofer Stith, Holland Stith, Miss Mamie Stith No. 2, Wm Stith No. 1, Jos J. Stith, Martha E. Genliner, Taylor Stith, Mallie Colwell, Chas. Stith, David Stith, Fannie I. Griffeth, Lizzie Crocse, K. T. Stith, D. L. Dowell, Cash Dowell, Jos R. Stith, Mrs. Dono F. Winn, Willard F. Stith, Soroh E. Stith, Frank P. Skillman, Mamie Skillman, Mrs. W. D. Cunningham, & Windom Hardaway, nephews, nieces, great nephews, great nieces only known heirs of Jesse Stith and the unknown

heirs of John C. Stith an entitled family in the ratio of the relationship of each to the said Jesse Stith decsd. to the remainder of the tracts of land set out in the petition and described in the exhibits nos. 1, 2, and 3 after the allotment of a homestead to the said Lucinda Widow, if any remainder then be. That said land is bounded as follows to wit = Beginning at a hickory in a line of a 260 acre tract hence N. 75 1/2 E 96 1/2 poles to a large red oak, on a steep west hill side in a line of May Banister & Co. thence with the same E 26 1/2 poles to a red oak in said line R.A. Craycroft's corner, thence with his line N. 40 1/2 E. 52 poles to a small post oak in an original line of the Jesse Stith tract, thence with the same N 16 1/2 E. 15 1/2 poles to a large post oak in said line Craycroft's corner, thence with his lineN 2 E 18 poles to two hickories his R. A. Cracroft's corner, thence with another of his lines N. 40 W. 37 poles to a red oak, Craycroft's coner, thence with his line N. 61 1/2 E. 22 1/2 poles to a stone in Craycroft's line of home tract, thence N. 46 W. 93 1/2 poles to a stone in a lane & road at a line of the Williams tract, thence with said line S. 23 W 67 poles

to a hickory on the east side of road in Williams' corner, thence S. 72 1/2 W. 110 poles to a flint rock corner to Williams' tract in a line of the Henry Stith now widow Wright tract, thence with the Williams' line and a line of Chas. Scott S.2 W. 440 poles to a stake or stone in a line of the 260 acre survey , thence with same E 47 poles to two small sand stones on a naked point declining west no other rock in sight, thence N 2 E. 335 1/2 poles to the beginning continuing 255 acres and 15 poles  -

It is therefore on motion of plff. ordered by the court that R. C. Craycroft, C. A. Montgomery & Chas Scott be & the same are hereby appointed commissioners whose duty it is made after being first duly sworn, any two of who may act, to lay off and assign to Lucinda Stith widow of Jesse Stith decsd. A homestead in the lands set out in the petition not to exceed one thousand dollars in value and to embrace the mansion house and out buildings on said land if any therebe, and allot to the defendents herein jointly the residue of said land if any therebe after the

allotment of homestead to the said widow Lucinda said allotment to be made jointly in the degree of relationship that each defendant bears to the said Jesse Stith decsd. Said commisioners are directed to have due regard to quantity and quality in making said assignment of homestead, the said commisioners shall meet on said lands on the 12th day of Sept. 1898 and may adjourn from time to time until this work is completed. If prevented from meeting on said day they may meet as soon thereafter as practicable with like powers of adjournment. They are directed to make said allotments by notes and bounds, and they will report their proceedings herein to this court with a plat of the lands allotted showing by boundaries the part assigned as homestead, and likewise the part allotted to the heirs, and the commis. are allowed to withdraw from the needs of this suit the exhibits filed herein for their use in said allotments, & may call to their aid a competent Surveyor if necessary, and this cause is now continued -

A Copy.