Delean's Strawberry Wine

(Found in Walter C. Scott's papers in his hand writing.)

Pick one gallon of strawberries; cap and wash them.  Place the berries in a stone or glass jar.  Mash thoroughly by hand.  Add a small amount of water (1-cup) to be sure they are covered.
     Cover the jar with 2 or 3 thicknesses of cheese cloth to let the air in or out and keep insects out. 
     Let this set for 3 to 5 days in the kitchen or other warm place until the juice and pulp separate.
     Strain the juice out.  Put 2 1/2  pounds sugar in a 1 gallon glass jar and add the juice.  Add water to make 1 gallon.  Stir well, put one thickness of cheese cloth over the top of jar and place a saucer on top.  Stet the jar in the basement and let nature take its course.  In 2 or 3 weeks it is ready for sampling.  Should not be bottled for several months.