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The following material is from the
1956 Golden Flash, an annual of the Ekron Elementary School


Editor in chief        James R. Dowell
Assistant editor     Linda Baker
Business manager  Sue Lamkin
Photographer        William Wright
Class editor           Lois Cox
Art editors             Faye Darnall
                             Shirley Miller
Sports editor          Donald Pack
Faculty sponsor      Lee M. Heath


President                 Faye Darnall
Vice President        Shirley Miller
Secretary-Treasurer  Linda Baker

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Ekron Elementary Scohol 1955-56
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The History of Ekron School

Ekron and the surrounding community was once a part of the Roberts' farm.  After the Civil War and the freeing of the slaves, the farm was divided into parts and sold.   The center of this farm was chosen as a town.  Mrs. Elizabeth Roberts, mother of Dr. D. S. Roberts, wished the town to be named Ekron, a Biblical name.

Ekron originally was built because of its importance as a railway and shipping center of the county.  As the town grew the clubs and groups, which every small town has, naturally came into being.

The first school house, known as the Roberts' School house, was near J.K. Smith's farm. This one was consolidated into Garrett in 1885.

In 1889 local farmers built a small school house on the present site by public donations.   The first teachers of this school were Dr. D. S. Roberts, Mack Richardson, Andrew Carrico, and Joe Sanders.  In 1894 Mr. Courtney and Dr. Roberts taught a normal school.

Around the turn of the century another room was added, thereby increasing subjects and enrollment. In the year 1910 advanced classes were begun with high school subjects included.  This was terminated in 1913 because the students received no credits and the cost was too great.  The first High school graduating class was in 1920.

The school building, undergoing a complete change in 1935, emerged as it is today with six classrooms and a gymnasium.

Mr. Lee Heath's second and third grade, 1-19 page 1, 20-38 page 2.

1 Jesse Scott
2 Charlene Basham
3 Ronnie Henry
4 Doris Chapman
5 Ronnie Pike
6 Mary Lasley
7 Tommy Hutchens
8 Nell King
9 Ann King
10 Smitty Simmons
11 Betty Branson
12 Edward Reeser
13 Brinda Thomas
14 Howard Lampkin
15 Donna Darnall
16 Jonnie Kendall
17 Mary Hardesty
18 Marshall Morgan
19 Doris Elliott
20 Dean Hobbs
21 Ann Davidson
22 James Reeser
23 Phyllis Linkous
24 Curtis Pack
25 Joan Ledford
26 Michael Allan
27 Ester Coghill
28 Harry Miller
29 Janet Lucas
30 Charles Veach
31 Ruth Basham
32 Thomas Chism
33 Louis Darnall
34 Dickie Chapman
35 Jerry Veach
36 Dan Williams
37 Ronnie Simmons
38 Billy Morgan

Mrs. Opal Allen's first and second grade, 1-19 page 1, 20-33 page 2.

1 Ann Tomes
2 Marlene Mattingly
3 Shirley Morgan
4 Patsy Lucas
5 Helen Dennis
6 Mary Ditto
7 Jeanette Coghill
8 Joan Durbin
9 Gary Brown
10 Darriel Orr
11  James Davidson
12 James Beauchamp
13Gregory Tomes
14 Joe Keys
15 Gary Jupin
16 Barry Williams
17 Gail Smith
18 Virginia Poole
19 Nancy Lucas
20 Judy Pike
21 Carry Mathews
22 Lillian Branson
23 Phyllis Simmons
24 Louise Logsdon
25 Anna Scott
26 Lucill Dennis
27 Andy Logsdon
28 Ronnie Elliott
29 James Coghill
30 Gene Wright
31 Gary Bandy
32 Gene Walker
33 James Walker