John Williams House, Stith Valley, 1924 Meade County Kentucky  

These two pictures taken at John Willliams's house in Stith Valley, Meade County, Kentucky in 1924*.

Uncle Harold (Charles Harold Scott) is in the top row at the right.  Walter Lee Scott is in the second row down about the middle.   Uncle John Witt is probably in the picture.  Can anyone point him out?  Any other names?

Here are numbered individual pictures for easy reference.  If you know a name please send me the name and number.

Aunt Alma Geigel Scott is in the top row at the right of the doorway.   Ruth Fontaine Scott is in the top row third from the right.  Jack Scott, age two years, is by Ruth.  Aunt Mago (Margaret Eleanor Scott Witt) is in the bottom row at the left.  See below for others.

  Individual pictures of women and children with names.

*Date based on age of Jack Scott in photo and on age of Rachel Hardin in photo taken the same day.  Also consistent with date on another photo of Elizabeth Stith at apparently same age.