Letters to Louisa Adelissa Hardaway (Scott) (Granny Scott)
provided by Margaret Alma Witt, February 1999, transcribbed by Jesse Brown Scott,

Envelope from Louisa Gallagher to Mrs. Margaret Hardaway, Guston, Kentucky, post marked Leavenworth Kan. Jan 26 8-30A 1903.

Leavenworth January 21 9003
   Dear sisters it with pleasure I seat my self this evening to writ to you all and thankful to God for my good health and strength and all that I have in this life   The rest of the family is in tolerabel good health  well Crismas has come and gone and the new yeare has come in beautiful with plenty of  tolerabel coald with some snow which is one of the best things that could be for the wheat and the farmers are feeling very mutch incouraged in that line of thare farming yet they have bin complaning of the bad roades but now for the last weak the roades have become good and the town is all a live with the farmers halling of thar last years crop they seem to get a good price for thare produce in fact ever thing is high even our living costes more then I have ever none meetes is high but not quite so high as it was a short time ago yet it is high and every thing in preportion to that we have plenty of radishes and young onions and letis one the market you was saing you hoped that we ware comfortable fixet in town we have a fine big hous of nine rooms it has bin one of the finest houses in the city but lik meny others the head of the family died and the property have gone down when you was here we often past by the place but I supose I could hardly explaine the place to you well it is just one (step?) above whare we lived before we went to the fort when it was bilt it had all of the modern improvementes in it but the furnis had given out and we had to put up stoves and it being so larg a house if this had bin a coald winter it woul have bin hard for us but so fare we have manage to keep tolerabel comfortabel but takes lotes of coal and wood to doo that and coal dount cost anything only three dollars 50 cents a tun and a tun for ever two weakes and yet we may have some very coald weather I got some nice presentes for Cris Mleone (?) and her 3 sisters surly I apreciated them very mutch and a pictur from Lilie Caine and a picture Lilie that is Dicksalls wife a letter from her saing all was well except he second oaldest daygher seemes that she has hart trouble well sisters one and all you telling me of what you had donated to the Hillgrove Church well I think you all could not thought of a more proper thing then what you did the sisters gave it and didicated it to our deare father and mother is for the good of all and long to be remembered I am thankful to you all to remember me in yor holy gift well it is late and I must cloas for this time love to all your ever devoted sister Louisa Gallagher

In the same envelope in the same hand writing: 
   I often see Mrs and Mr Frank Carrel the have a fine boy 4 monthes oald Mrs Carel is not well at all she has had the winter colory and she lookes very bad yet I think she is better or I would have herd from her before this so you tell me that Magie has a nother boy baby I supose they ar just as proud of it as if they had noen at all hope she and the babe is well how is Tesy helth is he still one his farme or did he go south when you spok of  him last you thought maby he would move to the south part of this stat prehapes it might be good for his helth as it has bin good for meny others that have maid the chang in time Mrs Graffin the lady that came so often to tak you out for a drive in the country they have mooved a way to another post in the south her husband is poor helth yet he clinges to the army lotes of soldiers at the fort now we plenty of the young lutenantes to visit us now thare is one in perticular his name is Worfield he is from Mcane (?) New Yourke  (that's all there was JBS)

Envelope from Margaret Eleanor Scott,  Guston Ky.  to Harold Scott 1270 Kentucky St., Bowling Green Ky., post marked Guston Feb 10, 1913, Ky.

Letter:  (apparently not originally sent in above envelope) Notes:   "little pap" is Fletcher Mercer Scott, apparantly he was somewhat of a playboy at the time.

Sept. 1. - '13.
My Dear Dear;-
     Received your card, was surprised to know you had changed your location, glad you like better, but you must not go away further from home.
    Will tell you about the little visit I had Sat. night & Sun.   John & I went to Bewleyville to ice cream supper - which was better than they have been having at that place - went with Georgia Wilson for the night & she had quite a few invited in for Sunday and we cretainly had a good time.
   Don't you know our little pap did not have an engagement for yesterday, something very unusual for him so he went to High Plains to church.  They say they are having terrable times up there.
   Mr. Dean Taylor - do you know him?- was here this afternoon advertising nitrogen for the land.  Papa is thinking of trying a few acres.
   The sorrell got her right hind foot cut right badly one day last week so Fletcher is giving her quite a little attention.  He thinks it will not leave a knot.
   Mrs. Fannie Board, Mr. Jim Board's mother was burried at Hill Grove today & Mr. Jack Moorman will be burried at Big Spring tomorrow.  They were both sick some time. 
   Wish you was at home & wish I could see you.
   Much love.  Mago.

Letter:  (apparently this letter wasn't sent in the above envelope) Notes:   Preston was probably Preston Foote, John Witt's brother in law and Gerard Foot's uncle.  Carra D. was Carra Drury wife of Winfield Scott.  John is probably John Witt husband of Margaret Scott.  Lois Hunt was probably Lois Hunt Shacklette (Groves), sister of Irby Shacklette (Hardin) and  apparently one of Harold's girl friends.  Alma was probably Alma Geigel whom Harold married.  JBS, 1999.

Sunday A. M.
Dear Harold;-

     Have been trying for the last week to write to you but have been quite busy, been making Christmas presents and we killed hogs and have had the shredder here and at Mr. Witt's and of course I went to help Ruth cook for them.   They did not get through here as it rained all day yesterday.  Preston will be back as soon as the weather will do.  We have such good sausage and every time I cook it I think how you would love to have two or three.  We killed one hog which weighed over four hundred and two others that would weigh about two hundred.  Mama and Fletch killed Friday, was so sorry I didn't get to help them but mama said they got along so well.  Carra D. has a new sausage mill and she ground all the sausage for Mama her self and you know it always took a man for that.  Do wish you could be with us for Xmas.

   We have asked Bro. Deacon to preach Christmas day and we have selected some special songs.  We are going to have a turkey out home, and the Masons are going to have a banquet Dec. 29.  Wives, mothers and Sisters are invited.  Just as soon as Fletcher is twenty-one I want you to come home and you and him go in together.   Fletcher and Mama have a special invitation to the banquet.  We had intended going to church today, but it is so muddy and misting rain all the time, and I have a new hat so of course I didn't want to wear it out on a day like this.  Am going to get me a new dress right away blue serge and trim(?) it in fur.  By-the-way furs are selling higher this time than I have knew of, John has made several dollars that way, so has Fletcher.

   What are you going to give your girls for Christmas?  Alma, Beulah and Lois Hunt all something?

Will close for this time.  Much love,



Envelope: post marked Apr 21 500pm 1928, Guston Ky. to Mrs. C. L. Scott Goldfield Ia

April 21, 1928
Dear Mamy,
I was so glad to get yours and Aunt Alma letter.  I went over to Aunt Ruth House Thursday and Mary came home with me Friday morning.  Buddy went up to Mr. Jones with Aunt Maytie and Dottie Friday.  Daddy & John Scott went to Louisville with Earl Thursday to take the calf.  John Scott found a Duck nest with 3 eggs in it this morning and we got one out from your hen house.  Uncle Fletcher has been up here to shave.  Mary and I have a nice play house that we fixed yesterday evening.   Margaret Alma is in her cradle now.  Lillian Lusk came home with Rena Lou from Brandenburg Wednesday afternoon, and Lillian, Rena Lou & Jessie V. are coming over tonight and spend the night.  Margaret Alma takes a few steps every day but it seems like she just won't go to walking good.  I wish I was up there with you.  Your little girl.
Mary Ladd   over

(on back)

  Baby is doing so many cute things she calls "Mamy" every day. When she sees her little dress and M. Ladd's she says "ahoooo pittly, pittly" - she still isn't weaned and isn't walking.  Mayte's eggs will hatch Tue.  Think they are going to hatch good.

(in same envelope)

Sat. A. M.
Dear Mama & all - We were all so glad to get yours and Alma's letters.  We are still having bad weather.  Don't think we have had a whole pretty day since you left -so much wind- had such a hard rain last night and still raining this morning.   Things seem to be growing peas and beets up so nice but don't see any beans guess it has been most to cold for them.  They say the corn that has been planted is rotting.  John had planned to plant a little this morning if it hadn't rained.
   Mr. Tom Miller, Dona's father, died suddenly Thursday night.  The funeral is at Buck Grove this afternoon.  We had planned to go.  We all worked so hard yesterday so we could.  I wish John would get on Mack and go to the house.
  We have gotten a good deal of work done this week.  Washed Mon, ironed Mon. afternoon and Tuesday a.m.  Edith & I went to Aunt Mags Tues. afternoon to make out programs.  Wed did odd jobs Thu. Mary came we cleaned the back bed rooms papered back hall and cleaned the kitchen.  That is all I am going to have Mary help do.   Mrs. Daily helped clean your hen house and wood house yesterday for the hens I am going to set for her.  She will help me some more.  I have my turkey nests all ready but the hens haven't gone to setting yet.  I think every day they will stay on - have about 50 eggs.
   Maytee - Dotty and John S. went to Mr. Jones birthday dinner yesterday.   She saw in E. town news that Uncle Harry Scott is dead.  Didn't give any the particulars.  I have written to Uncle Will today asking about it.
   Claire sent us such a nice box this week such a pretty ready made dress for Alma. ( Phillipian embroidery)  M. L. a ready made dress of white divinity with blue flower.  J. S. broad cloth shirt and old dress to make M.L. one of.  ( Tan couters crepe)
   It is so ugly looking out side I don't know if the girls will get over or not. 
Alberta & children are at Coz Linas for the week end. 
   The pattern hasn't come, hope it comes right away as I want to make my dress and Mary L. one next week.  Coz Diva went to Ekron Wed. Coz Hannah is at Tonis.   Love to all Maggie.

Envelope: from Mrs. J.L. Witt, New Ross, R.1. Ind. to Mrs. C.L. Scott Guston, Route 2, Kentucky. post marked New Ross Ind Jun 19, 1931

Thursday Afternoon  (If you are in a hurry put this junk up until you have time to read it.)
My Dear Mama
   I thought I was going to get a letter off to you this morning but I wrote a little to Edith as John S. had written to Lysle and also wrote to Rosa so that took all my time.
   I was so sorry about Rosie's sister's death and am anxious to know more about it how the little boy is and where she was buried.  I feel like she was buried here as they have lived here so long but John thinks she was taken to Ky.  Where she lived is 20 or 25 miles from here.  She was killed at Lafayette. There was a piece in the paper the same day I got your letter.  I sent it to Rosa.  There are so many accidents that I feel better staying at home, however I did quite a bit of riding yesterday afternoon.  John S. took the girls and I down to Eva's.  We took Mary L. and Clara L. to their 4-H meeting at old Union ( you remember the old church East of Lewisburg).  We came back through Mace and went 2 miles west of Lewisburg to our class meeting.  We went back for the girls, back to Eva's and she found she would have to go to Crawfordsville for ice so we just went along as we were to wait until six o'clock and bring John home.  He was working for Mr. McMullen.
   John and John S. gathering Mr. Frank McMullen's strawberries on the shares this morning.  We got 2 1/2 gal. for our part and John had bought 2 gallons the first of the week so we have had a very good amount of strawberries.  Wish we could find some one who wants cherries picked on the shares but don't know of any one.  Eva is going to have her boys pick some on shares.
   John is with out work now and doesn't know where he can get any until wheat cutting and then there will be more than he can do.  He will help Mr. Smith first and then the others.  I guess it will be ready to cut week after next.  John S. has only worked 1/2 day this week. Mary Ladd and Margaret Alma have been over to Carolyn Jones this afternoon.  M.L. is still over there.  Just as I wrote this last line C.J. and Mary L. came in.  C.J. brought me these clippings so will send them on to you.
   It surely has been hot today and I do hope it won't be long until we have another good rain - our garden is growing so fast.  Mr. S. gave John a small place for watermelons.  They didn't come up very well so we moved what few hills came up to one corner and planted the rest of the patch in beans and popcorn have 8 rows of popcorn and 26 rows of beans.
  Mary Ladd has gotten to be quite a cake baker the only trouble John S. wants to cut them and she doesn't want to.  He is just so much like my brothers were that he just seems like on of them.  He wishes for a creek to play in.  I wish we could find a place near a creek that wasn't too deep so he could fish and swim.
   Mary Ladd has finished her dress and pillow cases she still has to make a petticoat.  I enjoyed reading about the 4-H picnic in the Messenger.  We all read it except Margaret Alma.  I also enjoyed your letter telling about your visit to Mrs. Price - am so glad you got to go.
    Where will Mary go to High school and does Rena Lou have a school?   I don't see why Jessie doesn't drop us a card anyway.
Friday Morning.
    We surely have summer time now.  It makes me wonder if you are staying in out of the garden.  We hope it will rain but don't see any in sight.   John is working in the garden wish you could see it.  It looks like Mr. Witts garden used to.  This is about the first work John has done in it.  J.S. knows how to take care of a garden but he would rather work in the field.  He is helping Mrs. Smith pick geese this morning and he said the first one that dirtied on him he was going to wring its neck so am anxious to know how he gets along.  He said you taught him how.
   Mr. Hoover passed thro Lewisburg twice the other day but we didn't go over to see his train.  This headline was in the paper the other day but it doesn't help folks much who are with out jobs and there seem to be so many with out.  Hogs got down to six cents but are going up now about 7.00 I think and am so glad on Winfield's account.  I think his will soon be ready for market.
   We are having our first mess of beets today could have had them several days ago can have peas and beans next week.
  I am sorry the play is going to fall through.  They are having an ice cream and strawberry festival at the church tonight.  they get their crowd from Crawfordsville folks around here that feel able to donate for these suppers and then go and buy so they advertise for a crowd from town.  There is quite a bit of sickness around.  Two folks who go to S.S. at Mace have blood poison from boils and a lady in our class has been very sick from an infected finger that she cut pealing potatoes.   They had a nurse with her and would have to give her either to dress it.  I have had a little bowel trouble and Mary L. had pains in her stomach last night like she might be taking it but seems alright this morning  We took J.S. to his scout meeting last night we wait at Mace.  They have the meeting down on the creek.  They have a camp fire and he seems to enjoy going.
   John said tell you not to be afraid to come to see us that we have more to eat now than we had this time last year.  We had to buy every thing last year and this year we have plenty milk & butter and still have a ham and bacon.  Lots of Love Maggie

Scrap of paper:  Mary L. took the thermometer out in the sun to see how hot it is - it went to 105.  John said ask you if you thought you could send his tobacco sprayer to him by parcel post.  Potato bugs  and cabbage bugs are so bad that Glenn said he would pay the expense if you could send it.  Now if it is so much trouble don't bother maybe they can find another way to put the paris green on.  Have 15 pints of strawberries and some currents to make a little jelly.


Envelope: from Mrs. J.L. Witt, New Ross, R.1. Ind. to Mrs. C.L. Scott Guston, Route 2, Kentucky. post marked New Ross Ind Jul 12, 1931

Monday noon.
My Dear Mama,
   Well we are just through washing had a big one today even though we washed Friday. 
   We are needing rain so badly hasn't been but ten days since we've had rain but things surely are suffering.  Beans are falling off or turning yellow and our early corn is silking and just at the place where it will be ruined.  We have dug our early potatoes had three bushel and have one bushel of onions.  It isn't as hot as it has been but when a car passes the dust comes right in the house.  It surely is hard to keep clean.  John and John Scott are both working at Mr. Hays today.  John S. on the binder and John shocking oats.  Oats are about all cut.  John says oats and wheat are just as hard to shock as it ever was but as is selling so low farmers don't want to pay much for harvest hands.
   We went to S.S. yesterday morning and back to the church to see the pictures last night.  It was " a man with out a country." and was real good.
   Well I am anxious to know who got the quilt and cake Sat. night.  Hope you had a good crowd and made lots of money.  I imagined Stith Valley was kinda tired yesterday.  I noticed in Messenger that the schools would not begin until Aug 3.   I think that is the lots better.  Am sorry about the fire at Guston.   Seems like we never know where fire is going to break out.
   These clippings are just to show you that horses haven't gone out of style in Ind.  There have been three of these Horse Shows here in Montgomery Co. this summer - one at New Market and one at Darlington.  Eva's baby got the prize at Darlington for the fattest baby.
   The thrashing machine will start Thursday.  John will run a bundle wagon and John S. haul drinking water.  Glen is letting him have his old truck.  He has to keep fresh drinking water at the machine and in the field.  He is paid so much per hundred bushel.  I think .15 cts per hundred for wheat and .10 cts for oats.
    Margaret Alma said tell you she wrote you a letter and now can't find it.  John says you are going to slip in on us most any time now.  Hope you do.   You will have to come on train or buss this time as the inturban isn't running.   We heard they were going to start again soon.  Love Maggie

Also enclosed were two news clippings about a horse show at Crawfordsville Tuesday, July 7.



Envelope:  from Mrs. J. L. Witt, Lyndon Ky to Mrs. C. L. Scott Guston RR#2 Ky. postmarked Anchorage Ky May 26 10AM 1933

Wed. Aft 4 oclock
My Dear Mama -
   Emery called early this morning and said there had been a basket left at the office for me.  John brought it up at noon.  Everything was in fine condition not an egg broken and butter so good have just finished cooking the asparagus for supper.   Thanks so much.  The real worth of the things is just about $1.00.
   Well every thing is in readiness for the graduation and I am sure there never was one that caused any more excitement than this one.  Dotty & M. A. have had their baths and Mary Ladd is taking hers.  I will get in next and leave plenty of water for J. S. and John.  We will leave here about seven.  M. L. has to be there at 7:30.  We went to St. Matthews when J.S. came in from school yesterday aft. and M.L. had a finger wave.
   Thursday aft. 4 o'clock.
   I didn't think it would be 24 hrs. before I got back to this letter when I started it but it is.  I stopped yesterday aft. because a wind and rain storm came up and by the time that was over it was time to get ready.  We left home at seven o'clock and were among the first to get there.  Mary Ladd looked real nice.   Quite a few said she was the nicest looking girl on the stage.  There were 21 graduates.  The boys had on white trousers dark coats with pink rose in button hole.   The girls were all in white.  One girl had on a dress that swept the floor.   The girls carried bouquets of pink roses and fern.  Am enclosing a programe.
   The class prophet said Mary Ladd would be an old maid and 20 years from now would be knitting socks for U.S. Navy.  The giftorian gave her a bottle of Brown Seltzer for her headaches.  You know they always make those things as funny as they can.  It was real nice and I don't regret the trouble and expense.  I wish tho that more folks who knew her could have been there.  It was eleven o'clock when we got home.   She had to go back this A.M. to get her card that entitles her to go to High School.  Tomorrow all the grade school children in the Co. go to Fountain Ferry on a picnic.  Viola Hirchbruner asked Mary Ladd to go with her.  They are so nice to ask her to go places.  Mrs. Hirchbruner will go with them.  M.L. & Dotty are over there now.
   Mr. Waller gave Mary L. $1.50.  Viola gave her a nice box of stationary.   One of the drug stores in St. Matthews gave each one a handkerchief.  John has been setting sweet potato plants all yesterday aft. and today.  Had about ten boys helping.  J.S. is mowing the lawn every afternoon he can.
   Uncle Will came up and helped me fix a chicken pen here in the yard.
   I have canned two qts of pine apple today.  I got 3 for a quarter.   I may get a half a crate to can.  Will divide with you if I do.
   I just have to get my house cleaning done next week.  I think every one else are done. 
   You probably read about the girl from St. Matthews who was chosen to go to Chicago if you don't know about it ask Maytie.  Monday afternoon Mrs. Wagganor sent Mary L. and two other girls to ask her to come to the graduation.  She invited them back Tuesday aft. to see her clothes that were given her.  Mary L. said they were so pretty and she seemed like such a nice girl.  They are poor people.  Her father just works at what ever he can get to do.
   Well I am not going to get to mail this today.  I hope you will excuse me but I have so many interruptions.  Lillian just came.  Uncle Will has been here and the Ziety children have been over and now I must put supper on the table.
   The girls just came in and said the Hirchbruners insisted on Dotty going tomorrow so she is going too.  Am glad she is getting to go.
Friday Morning.
    Have the children's lunches ready to take to the park.  They think they are going to have a good time.
   We had another nice shower yesterday aft.  but didn't make it to muddy to work the ground.
   The chickens are doing better have lost half of the bought ones.  I don't think I have lost many of the ones I hatched. 
   Hope Fletcher got his corn planted.
   John S. must go on to school so will have to close will try to not have to hurry next time.  Tell Maytie Dotty is fine and happy.
Lots of love
Many thanks for the basket of things.