Big Spring/Corners United Methodist Church

Big Spring, Kentucky

This page is historical information.

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                    Big Spring - Corners United Methodist Church

Short history of the church.
1839 deed

Photo copy of Parsonage Deed from 1877 (deed dated 1875 and recorded 1877)
Envelope, Page1, Page2, Page3, Page4, Page5
The deed is in Book 19 starting on page 354.  The above photo copy is not from the deed book.  It is a photo copy of an old handwritten copy.  The Hardin County records office will make a copy from the book for anyone at 50 cents per page (in 2012).  

Part of the parsonage property was sold to B.M. Russell for one dollar on October 28, 1957.  (Book 156, page 356)
Russell sold to Prather (Book 159, page 59)
Prather sold to Lucas (Book 219, page 144)
Lucas sold to G.H. Board (Book 219, page 147)

Early Methodism in the Big Spring area.
Church Record Book 1848 - 1897
Big Spring Conference record 1884-1900
Dedication of present building June 22, 1986.


Conference minutes of Big Spring Methodist Episcopal Church from 1891-1895
       Notes on these Conference Minutes
Conference minutes of Big Spring Methodist Episcopal Church from 1900 to 1902
Conference minutes of Big Spring Methodist Episcopal Church from 1922
Notes on the Stith Valley contingent of the Big Spring Church in 1865-6.

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The older church (about 1940?)
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The older church August 11, 1984
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Pastors of Record:

Lee Ward            1967 - 1969   Report of Pastor June 1, 1967 to March 10, 1968
                                                 Quarterly Conference Roll for the Conference Year 1968 to 1969
Ralph Lee            1970 - 1973   Charge Conference Minutes Oct 1970; receipt Mar 29, 1973
Albert P. Kraus          1976         Report of Pastor, Jan 1, 1976 - Oct 31, 1876
                                                   Leave of absence Jan 1, 1977 due to "physical condition".
William H. Nuckols, Jr.  1977 - 1978   Report of Pastor, Big Spring Charge, June 13, 1977 - Sept 21, 1977       
                                                    Charge Conference, Official Roll and Attendance Record, 1978
Paul C. Frederick     1980 - 1982   Report of Pastor, Jan 1, 1980 - Oct 26 1980
                                                      Louisville Annual Conference 1982 Conference Apportionments 
David Kunnecke, Sr.  1983        Charge Conference Minutes Jan 1, 1983 - Dec 31, 1983
Carvile H. Scott   1983 - 1985   Minutes of Charge Conference Aug 19,1984, also Oct 23, 1983
                                                  1985 Local Church Treasurer's Remittance Form, Mar 12, 1985
Ronnie Moore
Earnest Sh
Phil Marlin
Earl Long
John Vought
Paul J. Skinner     1999-2000
Rose Marie Jones 2000- Dec. 31, 2008
lay speaker: Jim Lawson       Jan. 4, 2009  from Bethel UMC
lay speaker: Darrel Cox        Jan. 11, 2009    from Bethel UMC
lay speaker: Mona Darnell    Jan. 18, 2009
lay speaker: Wilma Thomas  Jan. 25, 2009 from Hardinsburg UMC
                                            Feb. 1, 2009 no service
lay speaker: Darrel Cox        Feb. 8, 2009 from Bethel UMC

Tommy House                       15 Feb 2009 - May 30, 2011
Jerry W. Shelley                     June 2011 - present

Old photo showing men of the church. oldmens.jpg (3944 bytes) Click photo to enlarge.

o Who's Who note on Rev. Robert Morris Hardaway 1852-1948
o Meade Count Messenger note on Rev. W. A. Hynes from 1907

o Obituary of Paul Carter
o Obituary of Mildred E. Coffee, Apr. 30, 2004


1. Century of Progress 1846-1946, edited by J. W. Weldon, a short excerpt mentioning the Big Spring Church

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