Taylor Cemetery

This is the cemetery marked by the Pate Dooley place at the west end of Stith Valley.   See Harold Stith's map.

I used Harold's Stith's map to find the old Taylor Cemetery on Saturday 15 January 2000. The Taylor farm has been Pate Dooley farm then Stivers and most recently Secuskie. All that is left of the cemetery is a pile of stones beside an old tree stump. I could read Taylor on a couple of stone fragments.  The stone pictured below was the only one complete enough to have a full name.  I saw one other fragment with the name, Taylor. (J. Scott)

Daniel B. Taylor
                  Mason Emblem                   
Sept 2 1839

photo 15 Jan 2000
by Jesse B. Scott

dbtaylor.jpg (13998 bytes)

This scene below shows the location of the cemetery.  The stone above was leaning against the opposite side of the stump shown in the foreground. 

scenecem.jpg (28739 bytes)