Hardaway Photo Albums

Margaret Cain Hardaway Adalisa Louisa Hardaway Scott
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These photos are mostly from two old photo albums.  One album belonged to Margaret Cain Hardaway (1832-1913) and the other belonged to Margaret's daughter Adalisa Louisa (Laddy) Hardaway Scott (1865-1957). Photos from Margaret Cain's album are labeled for example " p4 MCH" which means a photo from the fourth page of Margaret Cain Hardaway's album.  A photo labled for example "p4 ALHS" means a photo from the fourth page of Adalisa Hardaway's album.  The main sequencing for example Page 4 means the fourth page from the set of copies.  These are not organized strictly as the photos were in the albums. 

Page 1 Backs of several of the photographs (color)
Page 2 James Leach Hardaway, Margaret Cain Hardaway
            p4 and p5 MCH
           "Papa's Mother Eleanor Scott"  Eleanor Percell Scott
           p29 ALHS
Page 3 James Leach Hardaway, Margaret Cain Hardaway
           more scans of these two pictures, pages 4&5 MCH
Page 4 Aunt Louisa Gallagher, Uncle John Gallagher
            pages 6 & 7 MCH
Page 5 "Aunt Kate", Sarah Catherine Cain 1830-1915
           "Uncle Joel Alverson, Aunt Kate's first husband."
            Joel K. Alverson 1832-1865,
            Kate Cain m. 2nd Dick Childs 1822-1897
            pages 10 & 11 MCH

            "Aunt Bettie Hardaway", Elizabeth Ezra Hardaway
            m. Wm Hardaway 30 Dec 1858
             pages 12 & 13 MCH
            "Uncle Billy Hardaway", William Hardaway 1831 - 1874
            bro. of Thomas Parsons Hardaway
Page 6 "Buckner Hardaway", p14 MCH
            William Buckner Hardaway 1849-1880
            and Martha Ann Howell Hardaway
            half brother to Adalisa Louisa Hardaway Scott

           "Martha Ellen Hardaway Hudson" b. 1854, p15 MCH
            daughter of James Leach Hardaway and Elizabeth Pawley
            half sister to Adalisa Louisa Hardaway Scott

           Walter Jeffers Son of Olive Cain and Albert Jeffers.
           Olive was daughter of John D. Cain and niece of
           Margaret Cain Hardaway
           Walter was Frankfort police judge
           p18 MCH

margaret.jpg (18951 bytes)

Page 7 Mary Adkisson raised by Aunt Lucinda Stith,  p19 MCH
            "Henry Hardaway", Henry Zollicofer Hardaway, p22 MCH
            brother to Adalisa Louisa Hardaway Scott
            "Jesse Hardaway", Jesse Stith Hardaway, p23 MCH
            brother to Adalisa Louisa Hardaway Scott
Page 8 "Uncle Henry Cain", Henry W. Cain 1823-1897, p24 MCH
            brother to Margaret Cain Hardaway
            "Uncle John Cain", John D. Cain 1828-1908, p25 MCH
             brother to Margaret Cain Hardaway
Page 9 "None Jeffers", Howard Benoni Jeffers, p26 MCH
           "Jossie Jeffers" , p27 MCH
           "Olive Jeffers", p36 MCH

Page 10 Minnie Cain m. Todd, p32 MCH
              "James M. Gallagher, Chetopa Kansas, March 7, 1872" p29 MCH (nothing on p28 MCH)
              Katie Arnell, These two small portraits of women also on p32 MCH.
              Leona Adkisson
Page 11 Olive Cain, m. Albert Jeffers, mother of Walter Jeffers and None Jeffers, p36 MCH
Page 12 "Uncle Jesse Stith", "Aunt Lucinda Stith", p8 MCH and p9 MCH
              "Aunt Mary Coleman", Mary Cain Coleman,  This was a small portrait on P20 MCH.
Page 13 "Aunt Louisa Gallagher", "Aunt Lucinda Stith" , p16 MCH and p17 MCH
Page 14 Uncle Jesse Hardaway - 1896, father of Howard Hardaway, loose portrait in MCH album.
              "Harri Cain", p20 MCH
              "Lillian Cain", p33 MCH
Page 15 "Olive Jeffers", p37 MCH
              "Walter Jeffers", as a baby  p37 MCH
              "Uncle Wash and Aunt Mary Coleman", p41 MCH
              Uncle Wash Coleman had Coleman Mill on Doe Run
Page 16 "Charles Lee Scott", p30 MCH
             "Adlisa Hardaway Scott", p31 MCH
             Lillian Cain, Andrew Cain
             Henry Hardaway, Jennie Hardaway, Henry Adkisson
             Altha Prentic
Page 17 "Henry Hardaway", p34 MCH
             "Jennie Hardaway", p35 MCH,  Jennie S. Simmons m. Henry Zollicofer Hardaway
             "Henry Adkisson", p40 MCH
             "Altha Prentic", p42 MCH
Page 18 "Andrew Cain", p44 MCH (last page)
             "Altha Prentic", p43 MCH
             "John Daugherty", p39 MCH
             " Louise Daugherty", p38 MCH
Page 19  John Cain b. 1797, p2 MCH
              Olive Dismore Cain b. 1800, p3 MCH
Page 20  Adlisa Hardaway Scott (Laddie Scott) b. 1865, p7 ALHS
Page 21 Charles Lee Scott (Charlie Scott) b. 1861, p7 ALHS
              Adlisa Hardaway Scott (Laddie Scott) b. 1865, p7 ALHS
Page 22 Eleanor Purcell Scott b. 1823 , p29 ALHS, "Papa's Mother Eleanor Scott"
Page 23 "Uncle John Cain, Aunt Lizzie Cain, Parents of J. Andrew Cain &Cousin Olive Jeffers & Minnie Todd"
               Photo from Alice Scott Jan 2003. (not from photo album)
Page 24 Charles Lee Scott b. 1861   , p7 ALHS
Page 25 Charles Lee Scott b. 9 Feb 1861, p24 ALHS, This is a youthful photo, maybe age 14 or age 15.
Page 26 Margaret Eleanor Scott (May 10, 1891 - March 29, 1980), p4 ALHS.  A youthful photo, age 18-20.
Page 27 Margaret Hardaway, daughter of Margaret Cain Hardaway.   "Aunt Mag Hardaway, Mama's Sister".
              Aunt Mag married Charles D. Hardaway.  This is p10 ALHS.  This is a youthful photo, maybe age 25.
             Another scan from p24 ALHS, Charles Lee Scott. 
             Two portraits of Charles Harold Scott, Uncle Harold from p10 ALHS.  "Harold Scott"
              These are youthful portraits, maybe age 20. 
Page 28 Lucy Catherine Scott Mercer b. 1852, "Aunt Kate Scott Mercer & Ella", p34 ALHS (last page)
              Alice Jane Cash m. William Henry Scott, "Aunt Alice Scott" (p25 ALHS)
              "Uncle Tom Scott", Bettie Morris, Olive Adkisson, Aunt Mary's daughter
Page 29 Oscar Clay Scott b. 20 March 1855 and Elizabeth Haney Scott, "Uncle Clay & Aunt Lizzie Scott (p19 ALHS)
               "Bettie Morris" (p12 ALHS)
               From back of p4 ALHS: "Tall girl, Flossie Eleanor Scott, Sitting, Margaret Eleanor Scott (Aunt Maggo),
               other, Minnie Eleanor Scott.
Page 30  Group photo: Eleanor Scott, Flossie Scott, Margaret Scott (Aunt Maggo)   p4 ALHS

Page 31  Clay Adams, Friends of family (p11 ALHS);   Johnny Adams, Friends fo family (p11 ALHS)
               Group photo: "Louisa Adalisa Hardaway Scott, Winfield & Walter" p3 ALHS

Page 32 Maude Adkissen - missionary husband, Pres. Minister - had one Son - missionary in Mexico.  Sister to
             Coz. Olive Lyddon - 4 years younger.   (Loose photo in ALHS album.)
             Three portraits of unidentified babies.  Three portraits: Charles Lee Scott, Thomas Walter Scott, Charle Moorman.
Page 33  Tischa Jones - sister to Coz Ada Meador (loose photo in ALHS album);   Katie Jones (p9 ALHS)

Page 34 "Margaret Jane Hardaway, Grandma Hardaway"   p1 ALHS

Page 35  "Charles Lee Scott, father of Walter, Winfield, Maggie, Harold, Fletcher", p2 ALHS

Page 36  Another scan of Charles Lee Scott, "Alex Scott, Papa's brother" p8 ALHS
              Baby picture of Mabel Scott (daughter of Alex)
              Small scans of: Charles Lee Scott, Mabel Scott, Alex Scott, Lucinda Stith, Flossie Scott, Lawrence Scott

Page 37  "Aunt Lucinda Cain Stith"  p6 ALHS

Page 38  Flossie Scott, Lawrence Scott as children.   p5 ALHS
               "Flossie & Lawrence Scott, Children of Harry & Annie Scott.
               Flossie - Mrs. R.C. Mosby, Little Rock Ark 1952.
               Lawrence, Corpus Christie, Tex. 1952.  2 girls - married.
               Inside front cover of ALHS album. "A Christmas Gift from Maggie and Charlie Hardaway to
               Louisa Hardaway Scott  1890"

Page 39  "Uncle Tom Scott"  p13 ALHS

Page 40  "Uncle Harry Scott" (p13 ALHS);   "Charlie Moorman (Friend)"  p14 ALHS
               "Charley Cain & daughter, Mama's 1st Coz. (Henry)"  p15 ALHS

Page 41  "Uncle Jess Hardaway" p16 ALHS

Page 42  "Uncle Harry Scott"  p13 ALHS

Page 43  "Uncle Alex Scott"  p18 ALHS

Page 44  Another scan of Alex Scott (p18 ALHS);   "Olive Adkisson, Aunt Mary's daughter"  p12 ALHS
              "Flossie McK Scott age 5 1/2 mos"  "Flosie Mackenzie Scott"  p20 ALHS

Page 45  "Uncle Jess Hardaway" p16 ALHS ;   "Lula Scott"  p25 ALHS
               "Uncle Winfield"  behind another photo in ALHS album
               "Fannie & Edgar Hardaway"  as babies  p17 ALHS

Page 46  "Aunt Mag Hardaway" p10 ALHS, this was Margaret Hardaway sister to Adalisa Hardaway Scott

Page 47  "Alex Scott - Papa's brother"  p8 ALHS left

Page 48  "Harold Scott"  p10 ALHS  This is an 8x scan.

Page 49  "Uncle Winfield"  Very small portrait behind another picture in ALHS album.  This is an 8x scan.

Page 50  "Uncle Clay & Aunt Lizzie Scott"   p19 ALHS

Page 51  Walter Lee Scott, about 3 years old, p23 ALHS

Page 52  Margaret Eleanor Scott about 1893,  p23 ALHS

Page 53  "Aunt Alice Scott", p25 ALHS

Page 54  "Minnie Cain Todd" , p21 ALHS;  J. Andrew Cain, p21 ALHS  (p22 ALHS was blank)
               "Bettie Carlton", p24 ALHS

Page 55  Smaller scans of Margaret Eleanor Scott and Walter Lee Scott as children, p23 ALHS.
              "Luther Printice", p26 ALHS ;  small portrait scans of Walter Lee Scott and Henry Winfield Scott
               and an unidentified woman.

Page 56  "Papa - Uncle Tom - Charlie Moorman", Charles Lee Scott, Charlie Moorman and Thomas Walter Scott
               p28 ALHS

Page 57  Walter Lee Scott, maybe age 3, p32 ALHS;   Henry Winfield Scott, maybe age 1, p33 ALHS

Page 58  Unidentified baby and woman, p26 ALHS.   Unidentified baby, p27 ALHS.  Another unidentified baby,
              p27 ALHS.   Unidentified woman, p28 ALHS.

Page 59  "Fannie Hardaway", as baby, p31 ALHS.   "Jim Hardaway" as baby, p30 ALHS.
               Unidentified man and woman in small connected frames.  This was in the box with the photo albums.

Page 60  "Mary Adkisson", loose picture with Hardaway photo albums. 

Page 61  "Cousin Albert & Olive Jeffers" ,   loose picture in box with Hardaway photo albums.
               Three unidentified children on metal print, loose picture in box with Hardaway photo albums.

Page 62  "Thomas J. Stith - father of Irene Buckner Stith who married Charles Beauregard Fontaine.
                Picture taken Paris Ark about 1890", loose picture with Hardaway photo albums.
                Picture of man and woman with horses in front of a barn, loose picture with Hardaway photo albums.
                 I think this is Thomas J. Stith at his farm in Stith Valley just west of Shumate School.

Page 63  "Andrew Cain & wife and son", J. Andrew Cain b. August 21, 1860.  Son is probably William Cain. 
                This was a loose picture with Hardaway photo albums.