Obituary of Margaret A. Hardaway
Central Methodist Advocate, 1913

While night's shades were closing in around the home, and various watchers were gathered around the bedside of Sister Margaret A. Hardaway, on the evening of November 24, 1913, seeking to stay the tide of the fast departing life, throbbing hearts to realize that man is incapable of dealing with the silent enemy when he makes his last ...go.  Thus facing an enemy over which we fully realize we have no influence, and before whom we know we cannot stand   ... wait helplessly by, and see...ality overcome, in the dearest of earth, but we also see the .... of God, and the power of his ... when he can make a soul perfectly resigned though its ...  is being dissolved.

Sister Margaret Hardaway was born June 22, 1832; professed religion in early girlhood; united with the Baptists at Bewleyville, Ky.; afterward united with the Methodist Episcopal Church South at Big Spring, Ky.  She was married August 11, 1858, to James L. Hardaway to which union five children were born, four of whom survive, viz: Jesse Hardaway, of Louisville, Ky., and Henry Hardaway of Shepherdsville, Ky., Mrs. Laddie Scott of Big Spring, Ky, and Mrs. Chas D. Hardaway of Bewleyville, Ky.

Sister Hardaway was one of what was known as "The six sisters," there having been, six of them who grew up to womanhood,  enjoyed young life together, and all living to be very old, none having died under the ripe age of 80 years.  Her last illness was somewhat prolonged, yet it now seems so short a time since a mother was among us.  Patience and Christian fortitude marked the closing days of her life, she being oft heard humming some old hymn that she had loved so long.  The inquiry would sometimes steal from her heart as if desiring to know, "why can't I be at rest, " till her spirit took its gentle flight.

She was laid to rest on the evening of the 25th, after a funeral service held at the home of her daughter, Mss. Chas Scott, with whom she had resided for quite awhile, after which the remains were laid to rest in the old burying ground near the home of  her other daughter, Mrs. Chas. D. Hardaway. 

Her Pastor,
R. O. Penick