Hardaway Family History

Provided by Betty Perkins, May 1999; transcribed by Jesse Brown Scott, June 1999.


Prof. R.A. Hardaway5
University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, Ala.

(Copy made by Miss Elizabeth Cox7
and T.E. Hardaway6)

Copy made for the John Marshall Chapter,
Daughters of the American Revolution by
Mrs. Harry P. Gorman, Louisville, Ky.

Tuscaloosa, Sept. 15, 1884.
Thomas Hardaway of Chesterfield Co., Virginia.

      It is a matter of doubt whether Thomas was born in England or at Osbornes near Dutch Gap on James River.  My father thought he was born in Henrico County, South Side.

      The records of State Land Registry Office in Richmond Va., contain grants of land to Thomas Hardaway.
May 2, 1713    Charles City County
Sept. 3, 1723   Prince George County
Sept. 28, 1728 Brunswick County
Sept. 28, 1730 Prince George County

      The name of Hardaway does not appear before this time.  The birth of the first child of John Hardaway2 was January 1729.  I infer then that Thomas Hardaway was born in 1685.  In 1733 the parish vestry met at the house of Thomas in Chesterfield Co., 8 or 10 miles below Petersburg.  On Nov. 8, 1744 a deed of lands in Dinwiddie was made to him.  He probably died Jan. 1745, in Chesterfield Co., Va.  Eight children of Thomas are accounted by tradition and record.  The Parish records before 1720 are lost in Bristol Parish.  Dale Parish was set off from Bristol Parish in 1734.  Thomas Hardaway fell in the new parish of Dale.  No records of Dale Parish exist.  We find records of births between 1720 and 1734 given we suppose fully.  But the children born before 1720-1721 do not appear.  Some few records appear after 1734 in Bristol Parish where children were baptized in Blandford Church, Petersburg which was the old or "mother" church removed from Chesterfield.

      My father's recollection of the family agrees entirely with the parish record.  I suppose he is correct in his statement where no record exists.  I give names and approximate ages of children of Thomas.

John       born 1706-1709  (Child born Jan. 1729) B.P. Record.
Daniel     born 1716
Thomas  born 1718
James     born 1720
William   born 12th June 1723 from Bristol Parish record.
Frances  born April 1725 Daughter - no other record.
Joseph    born March 1728
Drury      born 2nd April 1733 supposedly died in infancy.
                           (R. A. Hardaway)

(This genealogy was presented to me by Prof R.A. Hardaway in the fall of 1884.   Every year adds to my appreciation of it.  Let those into whose hands this copy falls preserve it with care and had down to succeeding generations.
W.E. Hardaway
North Platte, Nebr.
August, 1893.)

      William Hardaway2, son of Thomas1 and Jane, born in present County of Chesterfield Virginia, June 12, 1723.

      I have received nothing from any member of this family.  I infer he married a sister of Peter Hanson, Sr. of Dinwiddie Co., May 17th, 1774.

      William Hardaway2 and Peter Hanson were appointed executors of the will of Newman, eldest son of James Hardaway2.  Joel Hardaway and William3 were witnesses.  ( I have this will) William2 was father of Dr. Peter Hanson Hardaway3 of William 3; of a daughter from whom Rev. Dr. Luther M. Smith, President of Imory College, Georgia, is descended.  Some of this family are in Coweta County, Georgia.  I infer that William3 married Miss Stanhope, intermarriages afterwards with the Thweatts some descendants in Todd County, Kentucky.  But the genealogy shows other intermarriages with the same families.  As Pether Hanson was grandson of Thomas2, probably his father was Peter also, and the Thweatts were connected with James Hardaway's 2 family by two intermarriages. 
R.A. Hardaway

Tuscaloosa, Ala., Sept. 15th, 1884
"Frances Hardaway2, daughter of Thomas1 and Jane born 4th of April, baptized 1725."
     Copy from records of Bristol Parish now in vestry room of Christ Church, Petersburg, Virginia.
This church was removed from Chesterfield County to "Old Blandford" Church thence to Christ Church.  No other record or tradition of this child, the only daughter of Thomas Hardaway1 known to me. 
R.A. Hardaway

Tuscaloosa, Ala., Sept, 15th 1884
"Drury, son Thomas1 and Jane Hardaway born 2nd of April, baptized 7th April 1733."
      Extract from records of the Parish of Bristol, Chesterfield County, Virginia, now in Christ Church, Petersburg.  No other record or tradition is known to me.  From the date of his baptism so soon after his birth I infer that this son Drury died in infancy.
R.A. Hardaway

Tuscaloosa, Ala., Sept. 15, 1884.
       This record has been made at the expense of some money and of much time and labor.  I therefore request : 1. That no writing, change or interlineation be made in this volume, but on separate sheets.  2.  That four copies be made of this volume and be placed in the care of four distinct male descendants bearing the surname Hardaway.  3.  That a copy be made by each person receiving this genealogy in a well bound record book, to be preserved.  4.  That each family will make and preserve (a record) events of family history in a well bound record book.  5.  That each member of this Hardaway family will strive to possess a sound body, a sound mind and a conscience void of offence toward God and toward men".
R. A. Hardaway

Let me repeat these requests with emphasis on every item.
W.E Hardaway6
North Platte, Nebraska,
August 10th, 1893