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Louisa "Laddie" Adelissa Hardaway
Autograph Book
Started in 1882 when she was 17
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Front Cover
Inside Initials (I. J. W.)
Title Page ("The Golden Album")


C.L. Scott   Charles Lee Scott (m Laddie Hardaway)
Lillie Cain
Cynthia Thison
Lucinda C. Stith  Lucinda Cain m. Jesse Jones Stith
J. L. J.
J. W. Klinglesmith
Mary E. A. Coleman
S. J. A.
Cordie E. Jeffers
Lillian K. J.
Joni C. Jeffers
Walter Jeffers
Ellen Adams
Lilly May
Lula Stith
Mattie Hardaway
Laura Adams
Lula Meador
Victorian sticker
Aunt Lizzie Cain
Bettie M
Cousin Harris
Nannie Lee
Olive Adkisson
Lizzie Prentiss
Four Prentiss Signatures
Harry W. Scott brother of Charles L. Scott
Clay Adams
Unsigned "Dear Mamma"
Clay Adams (again)
Ella L. Lloyd
Carrie R. Lloyd
M. E. F.
Sallie Adams
Mary E. Alkisson
J. Andrew Cain
Sallie L. Anderson
Lillie May Morris, Big Spring Ky.
J. Andrew Cain  long time friend of the family.   See elsewhere in this web site.
T. K.
Charles Lewis Big Spring Ky.
E. S. B.
K. C. Slayton
Cordeallah Jeffers
Inside Back Cover
Back Cover