Family of Henry W. Cain and Lucy Catherine Stith

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Henry W. Cain, born 02 Feb 1823 in Breckinridge Co., KY; died 27 Oct 1897 in Meade Co., KY. He was the son of  John Cain and Olive Dismore. He married Lucy Catherine Stith 22 Dec 1847 in Meade Co., KY.

Lucy Catherine Stith, born 01 Jan 1830 in Meade Co., KY; died 05 Mar 1892 in Meade Co., KY. She was the daughter of  Buckner Jones Stith and Cinderella Moorman.

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Children of Henry Cain and Lucy Stith are:

i. Leona Weldon Cain, born 03 Oct 1849 in Meade Co., KY; died 27 Sep 1905 in Breckinridge Co., KY; married Ludwell Robert Adkisson 22 Oct 1868 in Meade Co., KY.

ii. Charles A. Cain, born 21 Jul 1851 in Meade Co., KY; married Malvina E. Saunders 09 Nov 1876 in Meade Co., KY; born Abt. 1855 in Kentucky.

iii. Luvenie Cain, born 10 Mar 1854 in Meade Co., KY; died 28 Aug 1856 in Meade Co., KY.

iv. Viola Cain, born 25 Aug 1856 in Meade Co., KY; died Nov 1856 in Meade Co., KY.

v. Lucy E. Cain, born 07 Dec 1857 in Meade Co., KY.

vi. Ella Cain, born 07 Dec 1858 in Meade Co., KY; married Mr. Lloyd.

vii. Catherine Olive Cain, born 20 Oct 1860 in Breckinridge Co., KY; died 19 Mar 1938 in Jefferson Co., NE; married (1) Alonzo H. Slayton 15 Mar 1882 in Meade Co., KY; died Abt. 1883; married (2) Thomas Russell Arnell 23 Oct 1884 in Muscatine Co., IA; born 03 Feb 1856 in Lasalle Co., IL; died 19 Apr 1949 in Jefferson Co., NE.

viii. James B. Cain, born 31 Aug 1862 in Meade Co., KY.

ix. Louisa Hascal "Hassie" Cain, born 17 Jun 1866 in Meade Co., KY; died 01 Sep 1954 in Sumter Co., SC; married Lauren Islar Parrott; born 21 Oct 1866 in Darlington Co., SC; died 18 May 1925 in Sumter Co., SC.

x. Bettie E. Cain, born 25 Sep 1868 in Meade Co., KY; died 16 Aug 1908; married Mr. Flowers.

xi. Henrietta Cain, born 26 Aug 1872 in Meade Co., KY; married Mr. Smith.

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Leona Cain
b 1849
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Ella Cain
b 1858
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Kate Cain
Catherine Olive Cain
b 1860
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Henri Cain
Henrietta Cain
b 1872
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Leona Adkisson
katie2.gif (48333 bytes)
Katie Arnell

Click for group photo of sisters.  Note:  Caption above group photo is the back of the photo so the names are reversed compared to the portraits.

Another portrait of Leona Adkisson.

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Uncle Lauren Parrott
m. Aunt Hassie Cain
click photo to enlarge
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Lucinda Cain (Henry's sister) married
Jesse Jones Stith


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