Lucinda Cain Stith 1824-1909
Aunt Lucinda Stith's Photo Album
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Jesse Jones Stith 1818-1895
Page 1 Cover (color)
Page 2 Inside cover name plate "Mrs. Lucinda Stith" (color)
Page 3 Front page "Album" (color)
Page 4 Photo of Rev. J.J. Smith
Page 5 Photo of J. Andrew Cain as young man (age 25?)
    Page 5a More scans of J. Andrew Cain plus BW image of name plate
Page 6 Photo, unidentified young man "Klauber Photo Louisville"
    Page 6a More scans from p6, and p7, plus Rev. J.J. Smith p4
Page 7 Photo, unidentified young man "Doerr 12th & Market Sts. Louisville KY.
Page 8 Photo, "Friends of Aunt Lucinda Stith", "Al Dunlap, Chillicothe, MO."
    Page 8a More scans of p8 and p6
Page 9 "Friends of Aunt Lucinda Stith", "Al Dunlap, Chillicothe, MO."
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Page 10 Jesse Hardaway
   Page 10a More scans from p9 & 10, Jesse Hardaway
Page 11 Luther Alverson
   Page 11a More scans from p11, p12, & p13. Luther Alverson, Mr. Ruth, Mary Adkisson Ruth
Page 12 Mr. Ruth
Page 13 Mary Adkisson Ruth, "a girl raised by Aunt Lucinda."
Page 14 Mary Adkisson
    Page 14a More scans of Mary Adkisson and Mary Wright
Page 15 Mary Wright
Page 16 Thomas Hills Priest 2 years old and "Gran Mother 57 years old"
    Page 16a More scans from pages 14, 15 and 16
Page 17 Unidentified man "W.Sthuther & Bro. 532 4th Ave. Louisville, Ky."
Page 18 E. H. Winn, M.D. "Caradine, North Side Square, Sherman, Tex."
                Perhaps E. H. Winn is the son of Dora Stith?
Page 19 Unidentified young man "Wybrant. Louisville, Ky."
Page 20 Blank, photo gone
Page 21 Blank, photo gone but shows back of photo on Page 22
Page 22 Dr. E. E. Winn Sherman Grayson Co. Texas.
              Jesse's brother, Edmund S. Stith m. Mary S. Dowell. Their daughter Medora (Dora) Stith b. 1848 m. a Dr. Winn.  This from Kenneth Stith data and from deed between Jesse Stith estate and Walter and Charles Scott 1910.  --  J. Scott

              My Great-great grandfather Elijah Evan Winn was from Sherman, Texas. Dr. Winn's third wife was a Dora Stith ( I believe her maiden name). I'm from his second wife, Elizabeth Mackey. This per John M Wilson March 2008.

Page 23 Unidentified woman and girl "Caradine, North Side Square, Sherman, Tex."  Perhaps this is Dora Stith Winn and E.E. Winn's   daughter or perhaps Dora's  daughter-in-law with granddaughter?  -- J. Scott
   Page 23a More scans from p23 & p27, the Thomas N. Miller family
Page 24 Charles Lewis
Page 25 Unidentified lady associated with Charles Lewis
Page 26 Blank, photo gone
Page 27 Family portrait, Thomas, Amanda, James and Jesse Miller
   Page 27a More scans from Thomas N. Miller family
Page 28 Lillian Dougherty "D. P. Thompson 610 Main Street, Kansas City, Mo."
   Page 28a More scans from p28 & p30 & p31, Lillian Dougherty
Page 29 Aunt Louisa Gallagher "Birdsall, Leavenworth, Kas."
      Page 29a Another scan of Page 29
Page 30 Unidentified child "Mathern, Frankfort, Kentucky."
Page 31 Unidentified boy "Mathern, Frankfort, Kentucky."
Page 32 Minnie & Tom Todd Minnie Cain, daughter of John D. Cain and Elizabeth Coleman
     Page 32a More scans of p32 Minnie & Tom Todd
Page 33 Portraits: a man, two women and a girl
      Page 33a More scans from p33
Page 34 Unidentified woman and two unidentified men, portraits
      Page 34a More scans from p34 & p35
Page 35 Portraits: Jesse Hardaway, J. Andrew Cain, plus unidentified man and woman
      Page 35a More scans from p35 and p36
Page 36 Portraits: Charles Lewis and unidentified woman. Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins and Miss Georgia Hopkins
Page 37 Back Cover
      Page 37a, 37b, and 37c Old ad for Demorest's Magazine