Article published before 1922. Copy from Woodford County Historical Society Library, Versailles, Kentucky.

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H O P E  M I L L S


No institution in this city does Versailles more credit than the famous "Hope Mills," so favorably known throughout the State for more than a quarter of a century and which in the last ten years, under the present proprietors, has added so greatly to its reputation and its territory.

Hope Mills can boast of a most superior equipment and of warehouses and capital invested, which give it all the advantage in meeting smaller concerns. It has a very fine trade in the southern territory, and sells flour to the best class of merchants all over Kentucky .

The best grades of  Hope Mills flour unquestionably have a superiority which frequently causes them to win over other first-class brands where freight rates will permit.  Hope Mills flour is made "on honor" and it shows it. Cain & Rout are able to say that during all of their ownership of the mills (including the trying times for millers a few years ago, when many mills were adulterating flour), they have never made or sent out a single pound of flour that was not absolutely pure.

Their mills have a capacity of 200 barrels per day, and they are about to expend a very large sum in improving their facilities. They have just purchased a powerful new engine, of' the latest pattern, and have closed the contract with the well-known Wolfe Company of Chambersburg, Pa., for their system of bolting machinery. They intend to completely remodel their mill, and when completed, it will be one of the finest in Kentucky.

Cain & Rout own, in addition to their other property, a large and very valuable wheat elevator and private railroad switch.  It teas a capacity of 90,000 bushels, and is shown in the engraving.

The firm of Cain & Rout is composed of J. Andrew Cain and John Y. Rout. Their standing as honorable and capable business men is the highest. They are further mentioned in the sketches of their homes on another page.


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The Mills                                                           Office

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