George C. Cain family

George Courtney Critney Cavanaugh Cain b. Oct. 7, 1861 d. ?
George Cain left the family in White Mills, Ky. in 1903 and went to Oklahoma.   Stanley, age 12, went with George but returned about a year later.  The family lost track of George Cain after about 1914.  George Cain appears in the 1910 census in Pontotos Co. Oklahoma. 

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Mary Alice Bonnieville m. George Cain Dec. 7, 1886
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Hettie Bell Cain 1887-1943
m. Olive Samuel Fowler
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Lillie May Cain 1889-1985
m. John William Roby
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Stanley Fowler 1891-1977
m. Jennie Griffee Fowler
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Pearl Cain
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Modie Cain
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Thomas Cain
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Ella Cain

3. Stanley Cain m. Jennie Fowler
                    1. Mildred Cain Griffee

5. Moses (Modie) Cain m. Eva Ellis, lived in White Mills (notes on this family from Anita Cain 30 Aug 08)
       1. Leo
       2. Thomas (died young)
       3. Robert
       4. Moses (John)
       5. Luella