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Material from Ann Carey Schmiedeler with some assistance from Jean Carey-Brendle, January 2012.

Ellen Gallagher Dougherty

3. Ellen "Nellie" Gallagher m. Charles Dougherty
            four children
             1. Louise Dougherty b. 1872
             2. John Aloysius Dougherty b. 1873
             3. Anna Dougherty    b. 1879
             4. Lillian Dougherty b. 1882  m. Augustus B. Warfield,
                                          a career army man from New York
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Ellen Gallagher
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Charles Dougherty
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Louise Dougherty
b. 1872
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John Dougherty
b. 1873
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Lillian Dougherty
b. 1882
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